June Minutes

Minutes White River Alliance June 5, 2019 Meeting

1. Introductions: Shawn Welder, Kathleen Kelly, Deirdre Macnab, Bob Regulski,

Bettye Van Dahl, Nancy Porter, Dave and Martha Cole, Annie Long and Bev

Prosence, Brandon Lozano, Lois Williams, Chris Harris

2. Minutes approved

3. Treasurer’s report: $515.09: Report on expenses

4. Website Report: Launched by Brandon Lozano, Shawn Welder and Lois


● White RiverAlliance.net

● About Us

● Our Impact

● Events News and Blog

● Gallery

● Membership Page

● Send ideas and articles and photos to Shawn to post

● Kathleen will send some before and after pictures of river restoration efforts to


● Will request Bob Dorsett’s PowerPoint to post

● Will check out Friends of the Yampa website for ideas

5. ACTION: Ideas for events: Parade next step LOIS will coordinate: Approved

6. ACTION: approval for new logo design and banner: David will coordinate


7. ACTION: Request CPW to put Trash cans up and pick up: Motion: Chris

Harris, Lois Williams second, Specifically around Lake Avery and fishing pull

outs along river before Meeker: SHAWN to follow up Passed Unanimously

8. ACTION: President to Request CPW and private fishing clubs to put up

SIGNAGE warning against whirling disease and to request CLEANSING

STATIONS for their equipment and boots. Bob Regulski Motion, Kathleen

Kelly, second Passed unanimously

9. Mosquito Spray in Meeker: Shawn will appear with Dr. Dorsett on this topic and

also discuss with Mayor Halandras: WRA will ask Dr. Bob Dorsett to chair this


10. Lois is going to ask Julie Drake with some assist in grant writing. (And join!)

11. Only one ranch sprayed for mosquitos last summer upriver. Many other

ranches are now using BTI.

12. PowerPoint and research by Dr. Bob Dorsett recommendations to reduce

algae and improve health of fish in river: Reduce fertilizer application to

lower levels, restore vegetation trees and willows, reduce ponds which warm

water and create algae. Restore riparian areas along river to help create a

natural cleaning filtration system.

13. Keep thinking about a fundraiser.

14. President Shawn Welder reported Yellowjacket Conservancy is exploring

expansion of Lake Avery. Reservoir is owned by CPW. Current size is 7,500

Acre-feet. Could go up another 4,500 acre-feet.

15. Explore grant funding for measuring devices. Bring this up at YWG

Roundtable (Shawn, Deirdre, Chuck)

16. Quick Tamarisk removal report: Started by some landowners, more to come.

17. Question: How do we engage Rangely neighbors to join and be part of White

River Alliance? Suggestion: Down river meeting and include Rangely

Chamber of Commerce.

18. ACTION: President to write a letter to RB Herald encouraging area

landowners to address Leafy Spurge spread, showing rapid growth up and

down river. Motion: Deirdre Macnab, Lois Williams, Second PASSED:


19. ACTION: Motion to adjourn by Lois Williams (and thank you Lois for


20. Next meeting at VFW (Suggested by Dave Cole) in AUGUST 7th: