White River Alliance

Multiple Community Based Projects To Clean Up And Improve The White River


How we work

The White River Alliance (WRA) is a proactive community-based organization committed to protecting and maintaining a healthy White River by promoting education, involvement, conservation, and good stewardship practices. Our membership of stakeholders  truly care about the river, and are actively working for conservation, agriculture, wildlife, recreation, and the continual improvement of communities that rely on a healthy White River. 


  • River Clean-up: In May 2018, WRA organized and held a river clean-up, engaging local Mayor Halandras and members the community to begin cleaning up the river, starting in the town of Meeker.

  • River Mapping: Thanks to Chuck Whiteman, a member and professional surveyor, the White River has been mapped from its headwaters to Utah, in order to identify areas of concern such as algae and tamarisk removal.


Watch This Informative PowerPoint Presentation